New Huon Pine and Epoxy Boards Available Now !

Vintage Timbers Tables
Sourcing and renewing boards from across Brisbane and Australia I am driven by the beauty and the history of these timbers and the stories they tell to create modern functional furniture for the 21st Century. Featuring these timbers we create uniqueness in every piece of modern furniture we build with minimal interference to the timber to let the tables and their story shine.
Environment Friendly Tables
In line with our environmental sustainability ethos all of our tables and boards feature rescued and re-purposed timbers. All of our timbers have been rescued from Heritage Brisbane Queenslander’s from the 1920’s and 30’s, or from rescued trees raised from Tasmanian rivers.
Board Design
Honestly… I look at a slab of 2000 year old Huon pine and let it tell it’s story, from there I create individual and unique serving boards. I don’t shy away from faults in the timber, because the wood is my hero. I incorporate food safe epoxy in some boards and leave some as live edge. We can incorporate anything in the epoxy to make a unique piece that you can proudly display and love.
Table Build Philosophy
We feature Australian vintage timbers but build tables for the 21st Century. The goal of our build philosophy is to highlight the beauty of the timbers. So whilst we leave the boards as original as possible and use traditional techniques such as French Polishing, we will also unashamedly use modern approaches like epoxy coatings and pours where deemed appropriate to highlight and add to the tables functionality and aesthetic.
Custom Built Handmade Tables
Our range of tables are available now or the designs can be replicated to meet your specific needs. We are happy to discuss what you would like and can make the table to your specific requirements. We will consult with you throughout the build, so that you piece will have your own individual feel. With Australian native and vintage timbers always featuring as the center piece every piece will continue to be proudly unique.
Add Ons
Every table is unique and we have a range available now in our online shop, but we want to match your needs. Therefore we are happy to;
-add shelves,
-different legs
-have glass tops cut to size
-make the table to your specific size requirements,

just contact us to discuss your personal needs and the time and cost variances.

Pursuing our passion for tables that have and tell a story

Recycling, renewing and reusing vintage timbers to create modern furniture