My father loved boats and the sea, he loved to sail, race or cruise he really didn’t care as long as he had the wind in his hair and the slap of salt water spray on his face.  This meant that for my entire youth I was around boats (I’m the one looking in the window in the banner above) and undertook the woodwork and painting required continuously to maintain and improve their performance.  Somehow these techniques became entrenched in my DNA and years later when I took on renovating houses in Brisbane and Sydney I was able to undertake a great deal of the work myself.

While making my career in the hospitality and training industries I became passionate about making and renovating furniture.  Much to my wife’s exasperation I would often bring home orphan and hopeless pieces and spend weeks working on them to bring them back to life.  This is where I developed and honed my wood working skills and the love of antique pieces and timbers and became fascinated with the story that they tell, with the story often more impressive than the piece itself.

The timbers we use to create furniture are up to 100 years old. These boards come from houses around Brisbane and Queensland and they are covered in generations of paint and reflect the décor and style changes of generations.  Given this history their removal during the renovation process doesn’t need to be the end of their usefulness. So we have decided to use these boards to create modern and functional furniture, highlighting the generations of paint and wear. 

While we recognise that all furniture needs to be functional and decorative we want our pieces to tell a unique story.  This means that we do the least we can to these boards, if the timber is bear we will French polish them to bring out the lustre and beauty of the timbers.  If there is paint on them we will leave this on, often sanding back the boards subtly so that the history can be seen. Often the undersides of the tables really tell the design and build stories of each piece, so we deliberately leave them as natural as possible so you can see what you have brought, because you should be able to see its history. 

It is important to us that we are selling stories and histories as much as furniture.  So as we go we take pictures through out the construction can tell you about what timbers are used, their age and where they came from, so when some one admires your piece (and they will) you can tell them its story.

As a small operation we are entirely open to customising any design to add to your story and make the tables to your size and style needs.  We are guided by the timbers and will work with you to make a piece that suits. Our love of the story also extends to us using your timbers to build. If you are renovating and really want a keepsake then we will make a piece for you with your timbers All customisations will come with video and online consultation to ensure you get what you ordered at an agreed price.

Ultimately I want to use the techniques my dad taught me, and what I have picked up subsequently, to make furniture (and a living) that hero’s recycled, renewed and repurposed timber to add value and pleasure to your life’s.

Hope to hear from you soon.