All of our designs (listed below) are customisable to suit your particular needs, spaces and requirements.

We are happy to add shelves or to discuss what, if and how anything you would like to have embedded in any of our epoxy pour tables and how they will work.  We can make the table to your specific size requirements, just contact us at any time to discuss your personalisation or have a look at the range of tried and tested designs below.

We will consult with you throughout the build and can build to any specifications, so that you piece will have its own individual charms and characteristics.  Whilst we are happy to build a special piece, we are passionate about using recycled high quality vintage timbers.  This means that every piece will be proudly unique, with construction also being guided by the timber, its availability and individual qualities, so come on this construction adventure with us!

Renovation Keepsake!

We are happy to use your timbers so that you can have a personal keepsake of your renovation, we’ll discuss what you want and build to your specifications.